Omboko Milemba, an Emuhaya Member of Parliament (MP)

Omboko Milemba, an Emuhaya Member of Parliament (MP) who also serves as the head of the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET), got himself into trouble when he told his supporters that he backed the Finance Bill.

On June 25, 2023, at a secondary school in Homa Bay, Milemba honored the teachers' sports competition and was allowed to speak while accompanied by KUPPET Secretary General Akelo Misori and other dignitaries.

After being given an enthusiastic reception by the present educators, Milemba was in a good mood. In the same spirit, he presented himself and said that he had voted in favour of the Finance Bill 2023.

Jeremiah Milemba Omboko is a member of the Emuhaya Parliament.Milemba was booed by the professors, who were incensed by his statement.

The brash MP disregarded the teachers' boos and continued with his introductory words, which were designed to set up the final battle, maybe believing that they were merely being theatrical to make the event seem entertaining.

The Emuhaya MP continued by outlining how the Finance Bill will contribute to the growth of the area and the nation as a whole.

He was unaware that his statements would only make the situation worse.

By supporting the Finance Bill 2023, a sensitive topic that has caused controversy among Kenyans, school administrators condemned him for abandoning them.

Milemba stoked the instructors' ire, and they soon started hurling stones and other items at him, pushing him off the stage.

The KUPPET Secretary General, a comrade, came to his aid and spoke to the instructors, denouncing their intolerance.

One of the MP's bodyguards took out his gun as he left the stage to defend him from the teachers who were hurling items and stones at him.

The presidential approval on Monday, June 26, 2023, resulted in the Finance Bill 2023 becoming law.

During the bill's third reading in Parliament, the majority of MPs voted in favour of the individual parts.

Some lawmakers, such as Babu Owino, who was absent for the second reading, charged the speaker with deceiving the chamber by suggesting that the vote would occur on the third reading when, in fact, it took place during the second reading.

176 MPs supported the measure and 81 opposed it, including Emuhaya Mp. Milemba.

Despite being a part of the Kenya Kwanza alliance, Githunguri MP Gathoni Wamuchomba vehemently opposed the Finance Bill.

On the second reading of the measure, Wamuchomba abstained, and on the third reading, she reiterated her position.

Before the bill's vote, Wamuchomba talked with his constituents.

The Githunguri MP is shown in a video she posted on social media asking the locals if she should support the Finance Bill.

When it came time for the parliamentary vote, her constituents aggressively urged her to vote against the proposal, and she complied.

The decision, nevertheless, has put her in hot water with her employer and other party members. Wamuchomba has said that since she rejected the bill, the administration is ignoring her.

The housing charge and correspondingly higher value-added tax on fuel were two controversial topics in the Finance Bill.

Since the bill has become law, all Kenyans are now subject to it.

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