Mutindwa Market in Buru Buru

On Wednesday morning, June 14, a raging fire destroyed commodities worth millions at Mutindwa Market in Buru Buru, leaving merchants stranded.

One of the very first leaders to urge those in charge to act and stop the rising number of fire disasters was Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris.

Mark Mwenje, the MP for Embakasi West, subsequently said that the fire began at about 2 am and quickly destroyed items and buildings. 

"We barely had Toi Market under control, and now this? It's time to go tough with assailants Passaris pleaded with Governor Johnson Sakaja, "Let us strengthen market leaders and traders on safety." 

She also requested assistance from Moses Kuria, the secretary of the Trade Cabinet, to help the merchants rebuild their lives after losing their source of income. 

Locals at the site grumbled that firemen and other emergency officials took their time to react to the situation, which increased the losses. 

"What is starting this fire? It began in Toi Market, and now it's at Mutindwa Market. What plans does the county government have? "Angry local asked the inquiry.

Others expressed regret that the tragedy went against Governor Sakaja's assurance to Nairobi citizens that his government would put an end to the fire events. 

Sakaja has pledged to buy extra fire engines and decentralise the placement of personnel. In response to a second fire that destroyed merchandise and market booths at Toi Market on Ngong Road, the governor made a promise. 

On Sunday, June 11, Sakaja paid a visit to the abandoned remains and pledged to restore the market and assure that the county government would provide carters for the vendors. 

Mutindwa Market in Buru Buru

"We have evaluated the damage, and we will aid in your reconstruction. According to the governor, the county administration will reconstruct the market to provide greater room for emergency vehicles to enter the market during similar crises.

In addition to other home products, the county boss gave meals to the merchants who were most negatively impacted by the fire.

Sakaja promised that his government will look into the occurrence to determine its source and provide long-term remedies.

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