M-mama programme launched

A public-private partnership has been established in Kenya with the intention of enhancing the country's health care system.

Participating in the collaboration are the governments of Kenya and the United States of America, acting via the Agency for International Development (USAID), as well as Vodafone and the Mpesa Foundation.

The relationship has resulted in the formation of an effort known as the M-mama programme, which will assist in improving the overall delivery of health services across counties.

An emergency referral system that expeditiously transfers pregnant women and babies who are experiencing problems to the right healthcare institutions is what the M-mama project is.

During the unveiling of the programme, the Chair of the Council of Governors, Anne Waiguru, said that it would assure that no woman would die while giving birth as a result of the programme's implementation.

Waiguru said that the M-Mama programme was an appropriate complement to partnerships that are at the forefront of maternity and child health activities in Kenya and that it was an important step forward in these efforts.

According to Waiguru, "the M-mama initiative seeks to promote maternal and newborn health through a digital, innovative, real-time referral system to address emergency transportation issues for pregnant women."

"The M-mama initiative is aimed at enhancing maternal and newborn health through a digital, innovative, real-time referral system."

"It is common knowledge that in the event of a number of difficulties affecting either the mother or the infant, there is only a very limited amount of time available for an emergency reaction before the patient passes away.

"Therefore, M-mama is taking another step in guaranteeing that our women have the opportunity to receive the highest desirable health services in accordance with our constitution," she said.

Cabinet Secretary for Health Susan Nakhumicha said that the M-Mama cooperation is connected with Kenya's health and economic development strategy and that it would give a chance to boost primary healthcare and digitise the health sector. She also stated that the relationship is compatible with Kenya's vision for the future.

The CS stated that "no mother or child deserves to die" and that "we must do our burdensome duty by providing quality and comprehensive maternal and neonatal services."

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