Investments, Trade, and Industry Cabinet Secretary (CS) Moses Kuria.


Following his latest assaults on Nation Media Group, the Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ) has addressed a note of indignation to Investments, Trade, and Industry Cabinet Secretary (CS) Moses Kuria.

The union said in a press release on Monday, June 19, 2023, that Kuria's most recent antics, which have been connected to an illegal oil importation transaction, are childish actions well beyond the standards of his position and have now become a source of national disgrace.

Erick Oduor, secretary general of the union, also urged the CS to act soberly, saying it is past time for President William Ruto to make the right decisions.

"Relax; you're turning into an entire country's disgrace. We would want to advise Kuria that he is now a Cabinet Secretary and that his words and deeds should enhance the public's perception of Kenya. Our fervent wish is that President William Ruto would save Kenyans from the embarrassment of their country," according to the statement.

KUJ said that Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua needs to add his or her voice to the discussion.

Oduor continued, "While we promote the current efforts taken by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua to address the impact of widespread alcohol abuse in the country, we are of the belief that for this campaign to bear fruit, he should cast a wider net to rid the country of those in positions who are not in command of their faculties."

"I can promise Kuria that his political career will not survive the media, and we will eagerly await the opportunity to write his political obituary."

After advising government organisations not to advertise on the local media station after the exposé, Kuria received accusations on Sunday of using the authority of his trade CS post against the news media and ramping up his assaults on NMG.

"Decide whether or not you are an opposition party, a newspaper, or a broadcast media outlet. During a religious gathering in Embu, Kuria declared, "I have said that from today, if I see any government agency marketing on this television station, you could deem yourself unemployed."

Kuria responded by mocking the media outlet on Twitter by claiming that the only sponsors that are permitted to be on the aforementioned media station are prostitutes.

"Kwa wale mal*ya wa Aga Khan pale Nation Centre. You can still advertise auctioneers and funeral announcements. We will not stop them," the tweet read.

"Waasherati wa Agha Khan. Muwe na usingizi poa."

"Goodmorning Kenyans. Have a splendid day. From a brothel on Kimathi Street," the CS posted.

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