Diana Marua has explained why she believed her spouse, Kelvin Kioko, alias Bahati, couldn't wed her.

Diana outlined a number of reasons why she thought their relationship couldn't flourish during a session on their official YouTube channel.

The age gap between them was one of the causes. The performer said that while Bahati was three years younger than her, she was determined that their relationship would work out.

Diana said that she was according to conventional norms that stated the male in a relationship should be older than the woman.

This came after Bahati questioned her about her reasons for believing that he couldn't marry her.

Diana and Bahati photo

"Vile tu nilikwambia, age was the main consideration. I'm three years older than you are. According to social convention, you should never date someone your age. I'll be settling down with someone who is older than me. She said, "Bora tu, ako is a year older than me.

The mother of three further disclosed how Bahati's passion for the Bible had made her adamant about entering a committed partnership.

She said that the performer was too devout and often quoted from the Bible for her tastes.

"Do you know that nikikumeet ulikuwa means 'bible, bible, bible'? Do you know that I once respected you?" she questioned.

However, Bahati confronted her by pointing out how, since their marriage, he has given her the opportunity to succeed.

He said that Diana was underweight when they first crossed paths and that by providing her with a wonderful life, he made her plumper.

"Ulikuwa underweight. Inhumane nimekufanya ukakuwa umejaza, unaona. But nimekusaidia sana, the big lads understand," he remarked.

Due to their age disparities, Bahati and Diana have often been the topic of conversation. Some fans have criticised Bahati for choosing to marry a woman who is older than him.

The two have kept valuing their friendship despite the criticism. The pair has been living together for over five years and has four kids.

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