Nicholas Ndunda Kilungya

A herbalist from Machakos County has been accused of defrauding an entrepreneur out of Ksh1.7 million in a phoney contract for snake venom in a case that was brought before the justice system in Nairobi.

Nicholas Ndunda Kilungya contested one allegation of conspiracy with the intent to defraud the person complaining, Felix Munyao Kikanga, of Ksh1,731,800 between February 5 and March 2 of this year when he appeared in front of the Chief Magistrate of Milimani, Lucas Onyina. Nicholas Ndunda Kilungya was charged with the offence.

The court was told that "on different occasions between February 5, 2023, and March 1, 2023, within the Nairobi court, together with others who had not previously been in the court, we planned to fraudulently charge Munyao Ksh1,731,800 by fraudulently claiming he had a request for proposals for delivering anti-snake venom for shipment to South Sudan."

The prosecution claims that the defendant is a member of a criminal organisation that operates out of Ukambani and has made a specialty out of deceiving people by professing to be able to provide anti-snake venom to different regions of the globe.

The state prosecutor, Anderson Gikunda, told the court that police are also searching for Ndunda's co-defendants, who have not been apprehended at this time.

The prosecution asserts that the bogus snake venom network defrauded gullible members of the general public out of their own money, totaling millions of dollars, which they had worked hard to achieve.

After arguing that the allegations against him were false, Ndunda pleaded with the judge to let him go free on bond as long as the conditions were acceptable. He said that he is a medical professional and the only provider for his family.

Magistrate Onyina granted bail to the detained person on the condition that they post a bond in the amount of Ksh300,000 or a cash bail in the amount of Ksh200,000.


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