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Considering the NTV exposé on fraudulent practises in the nation's healthcare institutions, the Kenya Medical Association has urged prompt action.

The Association vowed to look into any incidents involving one of its members and denounce fraudulent practises in medicine.

According to Diana Marion, secretary general of the KMA, the association advises the creation of clear mechanisms to assist medical professionals' efforts to self-regulate.

In a press release on Tuesday, Marion said that it was crucial for individuals found culpable of deceptive conduct to be held responsible and subject to the proper legal repercussions.

"We note that a lack of proper and standardised interaction between the regulator and associations of physicians threatens medical ethics and standards."

The NTV exposé (NHIF theft) exposed how dishonest medical centres preyed on gullible Kenyans and made millions at their cost.

It was discovered that many private hospitals in the counties of Nairobi and Meru are among the members of a complex organisation that colludes with dishonest NHIF employees to defraud unwary residents and the government of healthcare dollars.

Susan Nakhumicha, the secretary of the health cabinet, said on Monday that she has asked the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to speak with the NHIF board to investigate how the cartels were able to get money from NHIF.

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