Paul Mackenzie followers and pastors

It has come to light that Paul Mackenzie's courtroom supporters are participating in an indefinite hunger strike that might end in suicide.

The Shakahola cult leader Paul Mackenzie, his wife Rhodha Mumbua, and 16 other defendants people are reportedly participating in a hunger strike while being held by police.

One of Pastor Paul Mackenzie's co-accused is unable to continue walking.

The 18 accused were then brought before the Shanzu Law Court in Mombasa on Wednesday, June 14, for a hearing to determine whether to prolong their imprisonment.

Several of them seemed to be quite weak and unable to walk into the courtroom as they exited the police cars.

One of the alleged suspects was also unable to sit up straight, even with assistance from others who were attempting to help him stand.

The accused have reportedly been on a 7-day hunger strike while being held at several police stations, according to the authorities.

The police were given extra time last week to hold Mackenzie and his co-accused in custody while investigations are ongoing and to enable for the hearing of a request for an additional 60-day detention.

"Prosecution through Coast Deputy Regional Head, Jami Yamina, told the court claimed there were plenty of sufficient grounds to deny the individuals in question bail, citing the multifaceted nature of the investigations," the ODPP said.

According to information from Shakahola, over 300 corpses have been pulled out of the jungle as a result of Mackenzie's extreme sermons on the need of fasting till death in order to encounter Jesus Christ.

Interior Cabinet Secretary CS Kithure Kindiki stated that no one who would be proven accountable for the deaths will be let out of prison in his remarks during his visit to the Shakahola site.

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