Agriculture CS, Mithika Linturi
Agriculture CS, Mithika Linturi

Livestock and Agriculture CS Kenyans have been reassured by Mithika Linturi that the price of unga will decrease in the upcoming months. Following the administration's distribution of subsidized fertilizer to farmers, Linturi stated that the nation anticipates an abundant harvest.

On Tuesday, July 4, after kicking off the third Agriculture Sector Network Summit (ASNET) at the KICC in Nairobi, Linturi stated that unga prices will drastically decrease to levels not seen in ten years.

"We promise that after this crop, the price of unga will drop to levels Kenyans haven't seen in the previous ten years. Because we will have a sufficient supply of maize, the price of unga will significantly drop," according to Linturi.

According to Linturi, the average annual consumption of maize, which is derived from the crop, is between 50 and 52 million bags.

I don't anticipate a shortfall of more than five million bags. We are in talks with Zambia, who will send us additional maize, he continued.

A large percentage of Kenyans claimed that because there is no maize in the fields, the situation exists differently.

By May 2023, the current government of President William Ruto committed to bringing unga costs down to an average of KSh 150 per 2kg packet.

However, maize flour costs at the nation's largest supermarkets kept increasing as the price of a 2-kg package of well-known brands exceeded KSh 250 in June 2023.

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