Governor Anne Waiguru
Governor Anne Waiguru

After the Wednesday protests, several police officers complained about the vandalism done to the roads and buildings. However, Governor Anne Waiguru's statements backfired, with netizens criticising her for stealing the money meant to reduce the cost of living in New York.

"NYS 1 and NYS 2 ndo imeleta hii shida yote," Governor Anne Waiguru blasted after condemning Nairobi motorway vandalism.

The middle class and ruling class are obsessed with things. The things that they built and acquired through the oppressive systems That's why they don't see that the PEOPLE are suffering. They're of no importance to them. The things are for the use of the rulers and the middle class.

During Kenya Kwanza campaign trails, Mudavadi said that "wakenya hawakuli Barabara," can we first talk about the biting cost of living, then talk about the damage caused on the motorway later?

Hustlers destroy a symbol of their oppression. It's very expensive to keep the country hostile for the majority while a minority eats until they vomit on our shoes, then hoards the rest of the food to rot rather than sharing with the producers of the food.


Below are reactions from Kenyans after her response to Vandalism.

"Wewe endelea kucondemn tu lakini Zakayo lazima ashuke. What is so hard about listening to Kenyans? high cost of living that has never been seen in the history of Kenya. Demonstrations should be three times a week, if that is what you understand," a netizen reacted to her.


"Don't worry; it's still our tax money that will be used to do the renovation. In short, we are creating jobs for ourselves since the DP said that the government has no jobs for graduates."


Catwalk na kizungu mingi haitasaidia When your hungry and angry jobless constituents come for what you have that they don't, you and your master purportedly claim you must take more from hustlers before you give them anything. This is beyond your politics.


It is quite unfortunate, but leaders have tucked themselves in SUVs, enjoying lofty allowances, when Kenyans are tormented by high taxes and the cost of living. Some view the highway as a segregation road, dividing hustlers against the rich; they don't use it anyway. Angry people!!


After condemning the unwarranted destruction, ask your sweetheart Zakayo Ashukishe Bei Ya Bidhaa, or else you will be condemning the destruction at least twice a week. Tupatane Friday KIMBI KIMBI.


Between the motorway vandalism and the lives lost today, which one should you be condemning? The road will be repaired. What about the lives?

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