Officials warns of diverting ecitizen revenue

Recent data from the Treasury has revealed that there has been a significant increase in revenue collected on the eCitizen platform. 

In June, only Sh1.44 billion was collected, but in the following months, the figures rose to Sh4.664 billion in July, Sh2.36 billion in August, and Sh3.636 billion in September, following President William Ruto's directives.

However, there has been some concern about the huge gap between the revenue being collected and the amounts posted on the online platform. 


To address this issue, the government has warned the top executives of state-owned agencies that they risk losing their jobs if they are found to be diverting revenue from the eCitizen platform.

Speaking at a meeting with representatives of Ministries, Corporations, Departments and Agencies (MCDAs) in Mlolongo, Machakos County, Immigration and Citizen Services Principal Secretary Julius Bitok stated that there is a higher potential for revenue collection on the platform than what is currently being achieved. 

Analyses of potential revenue from the over 11,000 services on eCitizen against declared amounts pointed to diversion of collected money.

Bitok revealed that the variation is being caused by continuous payments of services in cash, which is against the directive that all online payments for government services should be done through the paybill number 222222. 

Preliminary investigations indicated that funds paid in cash were being banked in accounts that were not linked to eCitizen.

Bitok warned of serious consequences for those found to be diverting revenue from the platform, including personal sanctions and job loss.

The government is currently having conversations with the Central Bank and the banks to address this issue and ensure that all payments are made through the paybill number. 

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