The present torrential rains in Kenya are credited to President Ruto after praying for rains. 

It seems that President William Ruto is to blame for the persistently strong rains that have been battering the nation over the last several weeks.

President William Ruto takes credit on rain

President Ruto claims that God has heard his prayers and that the intense rains that have caused floods in certain areas of the nation that have claimed lives and property are a result.

The President said that in February 2023, when the nation was suffering from a severe drought, he and his fellow Kenya Kwanza colleagues assembled at the Nyayo National Stadium and prayed for rain. 

He made this statement while speaking at the Priesthood Fellowship Church in Kahawa West, Nairobi County.

"In order to ask God to provide rain, we organised a prayer gathering at Nyayo Stadium. Several people made fun of us and said, "Look at them," but this year has seen incredible rain. Do you think this is true? 

According to President Ruto, "prayer to God is not a game; this year, we got rains we never got in the last four years."

His remarks follow widespread flash floods that have claimed tens of lives nationwide as a consequence of torrential rains that have fallen across much of the country. 

The nation has had 70 recorded fatalities so far, and the floods have caused extensive property damage and forced many more to flee.

Eight persons who were going home after an anniversary event at Nairobi County's Kasarani Stadium, sponsored by First Lady Rachel Ruto, lost their life in the most recent flood-related tragedies.

The seven were reportedlyheathed away while trying to cross the flooding Muuoni River in the Makueni County region near Mukaa.

"I am quite grieved to hear about the regrettable event that several of our Makueni County @Joyful_Women members experienced. 

"I honestly offer the impacted families my deepest condolences, both on my own behalf and on behalf of Joyful Women Organisation. 

Afterwards, the First Lady said, "Our hearts and prayers are with the families and friends at this trying time.

The El Nino weather phenomena has been blamed for the recent severe rainfall. 

Consequently, warnings and alerts have been consistently issued by the Kenya Meteorological Department.

Notable instances of flooding have been reported in many counties, including Mombasa, Turkana, Makueni, Garissa, and Taita Taveta.

While he was abroad, President Ruto was publicly corrected after he had first said that there would not be any El Nino rains in Kenya.

At that time, the DP Gachagua organised a news conference and summoned a director from the Meteorological Department to confirm that El Nino rains are, in fact, falling in Kenya. 

They also said that they were unsure of who had given President Ruto the incorrect advice to make such false assertions in public.  

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