Dogs in Kenya laws

The Interior Cabinet Secretary, Kithure Kindiki, has recently introduced a new fine of Ksh 300,000 to be imposed on any Kenyan mistreating dogs. 

This includes any form of physical abuse, such as beating, kicking, or neglecting to provide them with proper food. 

Moreover, the new Private Security (Use of Animals in Private Security Services) Regulations, 2024, also state that private security personnel who employ the services of security animals, especially dogs, must treat them with respect and dignity. 

The custodian of the animal is responsible for any act done by the animal and must be accountable for it.

It is important to note that the care and use of animals for private security purposes should be done with utmost care and consideration. 

Therefore, the new regulations aim to ensure that animals are not subjected to any form of mistreatment and that they are treated humanely and with the respect they deserve.

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