Kelvin Kiptum house costing Sh 7 Million

Charles Hinga, principal secretary of housing, has come clean about the fact that the home of the late Kelvin Kiptum—holder of the world record for marathon running—cost Ksh7 million.


While delivering the keys to the property to the deceased's family, the CS made note of how several Kenyans had been trolling the three-bedroom residence, with some internet users doubting that it would live up to expectations.

Hinga justified the house's pre-cast construction by saying it was more cost-effective than alternatives made using traditional brick-and-mortar methods.

Also, since the home was erected in little time at all, Hinga stressed that the technology was gaining traction all around the world.

The building of Kiptum's mansion took seven days to complete, using both day and night shifts, in order to meet President William Ruto's deadline.

Yet Hinga urged future homebuilders in Kenya to use the same technology that had been so effective.

In order to build the home for Ksh7 million, the contractor used current precast or prefabricated technology and light gauge steel.

"Constructors may now produce concrete components off-site using this technology, and it's becoming more popular all around the globe. He went on to say that it is a more economical and time-efficient option than the traditional brick-and-mortar walling approach."

Contractor Navin Patel acknowledged environmental concerns as well, assuring Kiptum that her home will be standing for a very long time.

"I can say with confidence that my home has stood the test of time. Also, the technology has been there for more than half a century, and countries like the US, SA, and NZ have made use of it.

Kelvin Kiptum house costing Sh 7 Million

"This method of construction is mostly used in America, where wood is very expensive," he said.

To commemorate the athlete's wish to see the dream realized, the contractor is also building a second home for Kiptum's dad.

As part of the affordable housing initiative, Ruto also gave Kiptum's wife and children another dwelling.

"Just as we had indicated, we have already provided the family with Ksh5 million. Now, the government will also build him a new house, and his wife will own it," the head of state stated, going on to guarantee her a job. 

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