On Sunday, February 25, the Holy Spirit anointed First Daughter Charlene Ruto during Pastor Benny Hinn's crusade at Nyayo Stadium.

Charlene Ruto at Benny Hinn crusade

After Charlene slipped and fell, the televangelist rescued her and said that it was because of the Holy Spirit.

God told Pastor Hinn to offer up prayers for the first daughter seven times in a circle, he said. 

The renowned preacher asked everyone on stage to assist Charlene in standing up after the seventh time so that she could share the insight she had received. 

She spoke to the hundreds of worshippers, among whom were President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto, saying, "I felt like I was being divinely sanctified for the call."

Charlene Ruto in Muranga

Charlene Ruto needed her husband's support for such a project, according to Benny Hinn.

"Find a spouse who is willing to answer her call with her. In his prayer, he asked God to provide her with a young guy who would be a strong support for her and her husband. 

"Charlene may be prepared to go on her spiritual journey, but she would need others," according to Benny Hinn. 

"A victory in souls and the destruction of enemy souls are her goals on the battlefield," he said. In his prayer, the pastor informed God that Charlene would soon be in need of a spouse. 

He went on to say that the ideal husband should fulfil all of her deepest desires for a life partner. Charlene Ruto, known for her charitable work, acknowledged the pastor's prayer for her with a nod. 

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