prophet David Owuor recently announced supernatural power

In Kenya, many are contemplating and feeling a sense of urgency after a self-proclaimed prophet David Owuor recently announced supernatural power and warned of impending danger. 

 At the Menengai prayer session, Owuor spoke to a massive crowd and delivered a serious message, stressing the need for prayer and repentance to prevent imminent doom.

 Owuor used the occasion to spread his message of imminent judgement to a varied assembly that included notable politicians who were looking for spiritual advice. 

 Serious and foreboding, he warned the people of impending doom and the need for repentance as a means to escape disaster. 

 The words spoken by Owuor were filled with gravity as he pleaded for heavenly forgiveness; they echoed with the ability to bring about the collapse of this entire nation. He stressed his resolve to pray rather than destroy, even though he claimed to have such tremendous power. 

 Owuor's claim that he has this authority because of the grace of God has provoked thought and debate around the country. 

 Many have been moved by his decision to limit his use of authority and instead lead the nation in prayer, which has reignited a passion for true worship and spiritual rebirth. 

 Many have taken to social media to express their sorrow and ask for forgiveness after hearing the prophet's message. 

 Amid everyone's cries for help from on high, Owuor has rallied the faithful to pray for divine intervention and save themselves from disaster. 

 After hearing Owuor's warning, Kenyans are trying to figure out how to protect themselves from imminent danger by practising true devotion and asking for forgiveness. 

 In light of the impending wrath of God, the prophet's words are a sobering warning about the precariousness of human life. 

 There is a discernible feeling of national reflection and resolve to answer the call to prayer and repentance as the country deals with the impact of Owuor's revelation. 

 A fresh determination to seek solace in authentic worship and divine kindness has emerged in the face of the ominous threat of disaster. 

 All around the country, people are getting on their knees in prayer and repentance after David Owuor announced supernatural power and warned of imminent doom.

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