The arrival of the cruise ship MS Ambience, which is making its debut trip to Mombasa, is something that the Port of Mombasa was very happy to announce. 

MS Ambience cruiseship in Mombasa

The ship landed from Victoria Port in the Seychelles in the wee hours of the morning with a total of 1700 passengers hailing from a variety of worldwide locations. Within our seaside town, they will be staying for a total of two days.

Since the beginning of the cruise season in September of the previous year, KPA has had a prosperous cruise season, with a steady stream of yachts arriving. 

MS Ambience cruiseship in Mombasa

Because of the ultra-modern cruise terminal that was created by the authority, this has been made feasible. The Authority's goal was to improve the enjoyment of passengers at the Port of Mombasa and to promote Kenya as a centre for cruise tourism in Africa.

Before the cruise season concludes the following month, the port expects a greater number of ships to dock. Following its departure from Mombasa, the MS Ambience will proceed to visit Durban.

MS Ambience cruiseship in Mombasa

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