Kufinya computer na kuweka dollar mfukoni

Young Kenyans who wish to learn how to work online and make money must pay Ksh1,500 to the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) on behalf of the government. 

President William Ruto's goal is to enable millions of Kenyans to work from home and earn a respectable income. The ICT ministry claims that Basic Digital Skills would equip Kenyans with the skills and information required to earn a career online.

The ICT ministry acknowledges that mastering fundamental digital abilities is more than just navigating screens and pressing buttons. 

It involves maximising the avenues for learning, communication, creativity, and empowerment through digital possibilities. The ICT Authority's Smart Academy website serves as a communication tool for the Ministry of ICT.

Young people who pay the Ksh1,500 fee will gain knowledge of how to use digital technologies confidently and competently. This is important since it will direct them to discover new areas and adjust to the ways that the digital world is changing.

The training programme aims to empower Kenyans with fundamental skills that will enable them to excel not only in their personal and professional spheres but also in actively contributing to the development of our digital society. 

Over the course of ten days, Kenyans will be guided through ten programmes, including Basic Online Work Skills. Additional courses offered include Digital Devices in a Digital Workspace, Communication and Collaboration, Accessing Government Services and Youth Opportunities, Basic Video Production and Editing, and Communication and Collaboration. 

Additionally, applicants will learn about cyber hygiene for workers, online business and digital entrepreneurship, basic e-waste management, and online learning.

Kenyans who do not sign up for the course by March 31 will have to pay an additional 40%, according to the government. To register for the course, simply visit www.smartacademy.go.ke and follow the instructions.

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