Popular musician Willy Paul

At his residence in Syokimau, popular musician Willy Paul was taken into custody by police officers over several offences.

His social networking profiles revealed that the law enforcement agencies were preparing to apprehend him only a few hours before his arrest.

Willy Pozee, as he is well called, sent a series of disturbing messages on March 4 in which he claimed to be afraid for his safety, accused the police of being responsible, and levelled false charges.

Police officers were standing outside Willy Paul's house, suspecting him of a hit-and-run implicating a pedestrian and some dirty dealings associated with the singer.

He implied in his writings that he had dealt with the police before in an identical scenario, claiming that this was by no means the first time he had faced such claims.

If something had occurred to the artist, his tone betrayed a feeling of desperation and fear as he implored his fans to have the cops pay attention.

Willy Paul msafi

Concerned that the law enforcement officers stationed outside his apartment were trying to harm him, Willy Paul created a terrifying image of impending peril in his internet posts.

He emphasised the gravity of the issue by pleading with his listeners to be vigilant and supportive.

"I've heard rumours that there are cops patiently awaiting me outside my Syotani Villas home, accusing me of knocking someone down and then fleeing; supposedly, they're out to get me! Last year, the exact same event took place. 

"They are outside my house right now in their uniforms, and if something happens to me, you will be held responsible," he wrote.


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