Ahmed Omar, the Bomet County Commissioner

Ahmed Omar, the Bomet County Commissioner, confirmed the arrests, stating that the two are in police custody and will appear in court tomorrow.

The commissioner stated that the heckling was targeting other participants, including politicians.

"We would want to let the public know that we have completed enough investigations and that some will go forward. We have made two arrests so far, and the police are currently holding them both. We think the two arrested will appear in court tomorrow because we have further leads for other people we are pursuing.

"The planners, the financiers, and the individuals on the ground are the three categories of people we are tracking. We know that some people are attempting to flee, and we have proof that some people were hurt," he said.

Potential individuals who are presently fleeing have also been warned by the Commissioner that they will shortly be taken into custody. Additionally, he cautioned people against booing the head of state while they were there.

"We aim to inform them that we are vigilantly monitoring them and possess sufficient data about them." We also issue a warning to anyone who plans to heckle in the future," he said.

The most recent comes after Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kithure Kindiki gave the order for law enforcement and security services to pursue the hecklers' organisers and financiers.

On Monday, March 18, 2024, the CS issued the directives, requesting that police detain all of the culprits, irrespective of their political affiliation.

"You must promptly complete inquiries into the latest events and prosecute all persons who organise, finance, and orchestrate hooliganism in the county," Kindiki said.

The president had to discipline the Bomet locals after they heckled Governor Hillary Barchok at her rally.

Ruto yelled at the locals, telling them he would not put up with any heckling in front of him.

Then, rather than booing the governor, he counselled the incensed citizens to hold onto their grievances and wait to vote him out in the 2027 election.

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