Haiti Gang

Police were secretly deployed to Haiti. A former senior government officer claimed that there were several bodies of Kenyan security agents in the United States. However, one was laid to rest after he was jetted into the country. 

The bodies were recovered from Haiti and are yet to be shipped back to Kenya. Instead of abandoning Haiti amidst heightened violence, indiscriminate killings, rape, and kidnappings, other nations should view this as a critical moment to step up and support the 11 million people in Haiti.

Kenya's involvement in the peacekeeping mission was about helping in the restoration of order and peace for the troubled nation.

The support aligns with the ongoing calls for a comprehensive, inclusive political consensus and a transition towards democratic elections, benefiting the people of Haiti.

The violence and insecurity in Haiti disproportionately affect vulnerable groups like women, children, and refugees. International intervention is essential to ensure their safety and well-being.

With the Haitian Police Force overwhelmed and unable to maintain law and order, international intervention is necessary to restore the rule of law and ensure that perpetrators of violence are held accountable for their actions.

family of Walter Nyamato, a Kenyan Chief Inspector of Police who died while in the US

The family of Walter Nyamato, a Kenyan Chief Inspector of Police who died while in the US on a mission to Haiti, is demanding autopsy results from the government. Walter was found dead in his hotel room in Washington, DC. He was laid to rest yesterday, a month after his death.


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