President William Ruto pushed to the wall on Haiti deployment

The government of President Joe Biden called President William Ruto frantically on Saturday night over the worsening circumstances in Haiti. 

Speaking about the continuing political and security situation in Haiti, Secretary Antony Blinken took the call, according to a statement released by the Department of State and posted on its website. 

Kenya has to send 1,000 police personnel to the problematic nation even if the gangs are still causing havoc in the Caribbean country. Both leaders agreed on the next course of action.

It was also emphasised how important it is for other nations to commit to sending soldiers as part of a multinational security support mission. 

At first, it was a requirement of the ground rules that Kenyan police would guard airports, hospitals, and the parliament.

Blinken said that the Kenyan police will collaborate with Haitian security forces to establish the security requirements required to hold free and fair elections, given that gangs have already taken possession of many significant structures. 

The US said, "Secretary Blinken also expressed his gratitude for Kenya's diplomatic efforts towards promoting peace and security in the Horn of Africa."

The day Blinken called, there were rumours that the offices of the interior ministry in Haiti were on fire. 

There were also rumours that the gangs planned to destroy the Supreme Court of the country. 

Despite the Biden administration's dedication to supporting Kenya's role in Haiti, Republicans have opposed this.

Congressmen from the Republican side are needed to support the US government in approving the Ksh14 billion mission funding. 

On September 23, President Joe Biden promised to provide Kenyan soldiers with medical, logistical, intelligence, and communication assistance. 

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