A senior Kisumu County Director is struggling to defend himself against allegations of leveraging his position to intimidate and exploit local hotels and resorts for personal gain.

Sources claim that the director is known for demanding complementary services under the guise of county health seminars.


A recent incident at a resort in Naivasha added weight to these allegations.

Kisumu County Hall photo

He recently secured a room for three days without charge under the threat of withdrawing business, according to trusted insiders.

A female administration police officer reportedly accompanied him while he was at the resort, neglecting his official duties.

This egregious misuse of power is spurring a strong backlash from local businesses.

Owners from Kisumu, Kakamega, and Naivasha are now threatening to petition Governor Prof. Anyang' Nyong'o to address the intimidation and blackmail his staff is perpetuating.

The situation escalated when photographs of the director and his companion leaked. 

He allegedly hurled threats at the resort staff. 

His attempts to intimidate and control the narrative have drawn widespread condemnation, especially considering he is a married man with children who allowed himself to be involved in such an indiscretion.

He has since taken steps to conceal his online presence by deactivating and switching to private mode on all his social media accounts, in an apparent attempt to evade investigators.

Chapter Six of the Kenyan Constitution demands integrity from public officers.

The governor's office has yet to comment.

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