Wednesday, July 24, 2024

2 Men caught caressing each other in Nakuru causes drama, badly beaten

A tavern in Naivasha was the setting for an unfolding drama when two middle-aged males were apprehended seducing one another.
On February 27, 2024, in the evening, members of the community congregated at a pub to joyfully sing while in the comfort of one another.
As the majority of Naivasha’s inhabitants gathered for their evening sacrificial offerings, this was a typical occurrence.
It was reported that two males were on the verge of engaging in a passionate embrace.
LGBT people in Nakuru beaten
Publically, at the bar, the males whose identities had been withheld were engaging in adult activity.
The incident caused distress among the other males present at the location.
The gay couple’s savage beatings provoked irate locals who were unable to contain their outrage.
Additionally, locals remarked that as the two men drank to their satisfaction, they began to embrace, with one of them being observed unzipping the other.
Locals in Naivasha were taken aback by the regrettable incident, which prompted them to enforce the law themselves.
To ascertain the presence of malicious intent, law enforcement has initiated additional inquiries.
According to one witness, Paul Mwaura, patrons of the bar were thoroughly repulsed by the incident and developed a sense of ire as the bromance intensified.
He stated, “Irate patrons threw the intoxicated pair out of the bar and began severely assaulting them after they decided to have an affair while intoxicated.”
Additionally, he mentioned that sexual assaults against the LGBTQ community had increased in Naivasha, particularly at Airbnb.
“Residents are still grappling with the escalating incidents while one of the men is married,” he explained.
Moreover, according to local authorities, the Naivasha police station had not been notified of the incident.