Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Governor Hassan Ali Joho
Governor Hassan Ali Joho

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho waive a Ksh476,000 quarantine bills for a family after a video of them complaining about the distressing state of an isolation facility went viral.

One of the family members recorded flooded toilets at the Port Reitz isolation facility in Mombasa.

The 17 family members were quarantined after their father Mohamed Hassan died of Coronavirus and had completed their 14 days in isolation but were held due to the accrued bill.

“We released 38 people, not just the 17 and the Ksh476,000 figures could be more, Port Reitz had 20 people released and KMTC Mombasa Campus had 18.

“We have not quantified the amount that has been waived but you can do your quick calculations, it’s Ksh2000 shillings per day for an individual when multiplied with the 14 days,” said Mombasa Director of Communications, Mudy Kareem.

“We have a lot of joy, to come to take our family members who were in quarantine for 14 days,”

“Quarantine is not a punishment, it’s just that people are put there to determine their status, during this Ramadhan time there are a lot of challenges, “

“We give thanks to our governor, Hassan Ali Joho and our MP Adulswamad Nassir for the work that they have done, to waive the bill of Ksh476, 000 for our 17 family members,” said a relative to the family.