Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Maid Diana Naliaka, murder suspect in Rahab Karisa death, detained as the probe continues.


Diana Naliaka arrested

The primary suspect in the brutal murder of Rahab Karisa, Kilifi County’s Chief Officer for Fisheries and Blue Economy, Diana Naliaka, was charged on Thursday in Kilifi Law Court.

The law enforcement agency was given 14 days by Judge Justus Kituki to hold the suspect while police finished their inquiries into the case.

According to reports, Naliaka, a housekeeper at the late Karisa’s house, strangled her boss on July 20. She then took off in an unidentified direction.

Naliaka was apprehended in Busia on July 25 and is said to have been trying to get into Uganda. The matter is scheduled to be discussed on August 17, 2023.


Rahab Karisa, the Kilifi Chief County Officer for Fisheries and Blue Economy, was fatally knifed by one of her house helps on Thursday, July 20, 2023, at her Mnarani residence.

On social media, Maxwell Mmera, also known as “Mmera Senior” on Facebook, paid a moving homage to his late wife, Rahab Karisa.


The widower bemoaned that the deceased’s sole error was arguing with the maid about stealing in their home and claimed that his spouse was not entitled to the awful murder at the hands of their house help.