Wednesday, July 24, 2024

State House nonesense, just resign! Senator Ledama Ole Kina angry over ODM MPs’ statehouse visit

Senator Ledama Ole Kina
Senator Ledama Ole Kina.

When ODM lawmakers went to see President William Ruto at the State House on Tuesday, Ledama Ole Kina, a senator from Narok, asked them to resign and join UDA.

Ledama tweeted that the MPs should ask for a clear proposal on which side they wish to be on.

He later tweeted, “And if you are nominated, go prepare the ground for 2027!”

Since Tuesday night, the nine MPs from Raila Odinga’s party who visited Ruto have come under scrutiny.

The meeting of the MPs didn’t surprise either the party or the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition, according to Philip Etale, the party’s director of communications.

In a statement, he said, “The party has been paying close attention to what has been going on behind the scenes with some of them, and today was just the finale.”

Etale characterized the State House gatherings as a ploy to deflect the public’s focus away from the country’s high cost of living, its citizens’ intolerable child-care costs, and fraud.

Edwin Sifuna, a senator from Nairobi, described their action as dishonest.

“You do not have to grovel for development as a taxpayer. You do not need to attend a meeting in the statehouse to get development, just as the government does not summon you there while taxing you; this is your right.”