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Ugandan Faith Patricia Ariokot breaks Guinness world record for hugging a tree in 16 hours

Faith Patricia Ariokot, 29, hugged a tree for 16 hours photos

Ugandan activists from Kampala set a new record for the length of time someone has hugged a tree.

At the age of 29, Faith Patricia Ariokot ringed a tree trunk for a total of sixteen hours and six seconds, making her the youngest individual in history to hold that record.
She hoped that by taking on this challenge, she may encourage others to plant trees and raise awareness about their significance. 
Faith Patricia Ariokot, 29, hugged a tree for 16 hours photos

Faith made the bold claim that they are the bravest climate change activists.

Faith clings to a tree, her face beaming with joy.
The tree hug selection for this record attempt “felt like picking a bridal dress,” as Faith put it.
Faith Patricia Ariokot, 29, hugged a tree for 16 hours photos
“It was like love at first sight” “when the tree chose her, ” she said. ” I could tell that tree would be the one I climbed just by looking at it.”
There is a slight difference between this record and the longest cooking marathon, which, like similar “longest marathon” records, allows participants to pause for five minutes after each hour of constant work.
Faith Patricia Ariokot, 29, hugged a tree for 16 hours photos
The term “marathon” is used to describe any attempt to set a new record that goes over 24 hours.
As a result, Faith had to stay on her feet the whole time she tried to beat the record; she couldn’t take her arms off the tree at any moment.
Trusting tree beneath the moonlight
“My feet were torturing me from walking for over 16 hours straight,” she remembers. 
“I had to keep holding on even though the tree’s rough outer layer cut into my skin and inflicted a lot of pain.”
After a month of trying and failing, Faith made a third attempt to break the record. 
The first attempt was cut short by a thunderstorm, and her camera had trouble recording most of the very first effort.
Due to her discouragement from the two previous failures, Faith contemplated giving up as early as the first hour.
With leaves scattered around her, Faith smiled.
“I believe trees have feelings and can sense what we are going through,” she adds, adding that by the ninth hour, she had “broken down” and wanted to give up, but that the tree’s words of encouragement helped her keep going. I found solace in it, and I was able to persevere.
At this point, Faith wishes that her album would encourage people all across the globe to plant trees.
“I would like to discuss love. Care for the earth. Environmental devotion. Passion for one another. We will never be able to settle down on any other planet. And planting a tree is a simple act that everyone can do today to demonstrate their love for the planet.”

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