Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Yvonne Okwara dumps her husband Andrew Matole over his third wife marriage stance


Yvonne Okwara with Andrew Matole photo

Yvonne Okwara, a prominent business journalist, has ended her relationship with Andrew Matole after fighting over his third wife’s stance. 

In line with the Mijikenda tradition, Matole, who is a veterinary surgeon by specialty, made a passing reference to the possibility of acquiring an additional wife.

Nevertheless, things did not go according to plan, and as a result, Yvonne decided to leave the relationship. Someone questioned her about why she wasn’t posting about her spouse on social media during a question and answer session that took place on Instagram in the year 2019.

“When will you post Matole? When will you make the images of your spouse available to the public? Despite your natural ability to conceal him, when will you make these images public?

“Yvonne responded to the fan with as much sense of humour and self-control as she was able to muster.

“Haha, I don’t try to conceal him. It’s no longer a child! If he so chooses, he is able to display his photo collection. He does not have authority over my social media accounts; this is my page, not his!

The marriage between Yvonne Okwara, a television presenter, and Andrew Matole, a veterinary surgeon, took place in December of 2014, after the separation of the latter from his first wife.