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Background of Bana Kenya.


Name: Bana Kenya (Tubanane)

Company : Lee Georgia enterprises. (Registered trade mark for Bana)

Date started: November 2014

Managers:  George Charo
                      Changez Ndzai

Social profiles :

Premium:  approx $100

Authors:  Kimanga wa Kimanga
                  tubanane Kenya
                  George K. Charo
                  Changez Ndzai

Bana Kenya started as a merry go round and later to be a very serious  organisation with many wings. It was a subsidiary of the main enterprise which is the registered trademark and sponsor of the site. Bana started as an idea of what people did not know how to implement and later on implemented due to consultations. Now we are the fastest growing group of young ones who are below 30 years of age across the Nation.

The majority of the group members were not that technical in terms of technology,  the first Bana Kenya site was real ugly and as time goes on we have improved the site and wish to have more members on board. The only feature that unites people in the country is when you can be able to associate well with other people outside your vicinity. We collaborate with friends from a different environment and support them in our area we mainly focus.

JOIN US to improve the livelihoods of young ones across the nation in terms of technology and information in this 21st century.


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