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CORD sad news as Raila Odinga's "like son" and Nairobi youth leader murdered in cold blooded at his home in Kayole.

Stephen Mukabana's death affected the uniting of youth in Nairobi.

Raila Odinga's' son "Stephen Mukabana" was murdered yesterday in a cold blood attack. Nairobi Youth Leader, Stephen Mukabana was traced and murdered on the night of Tuesday, April 12, near his residence in Mihango area, Kayole. The trusted youth leader came after another ODM youth leader who was murdered in Rua last year.  The relationship between Mukabana and Hon. Raila Odinga went further and strengthen after the former prime minister trusted him with all deals across Nairobi.

The Young ODM front runner was murdered by unknown people who the critics say they associated the murder with the government party. These allegations have not been outlined by the opposition themselves or the government. It's a broken wing for the prime minister as the most mobile and flexible person for the prime minister is gone. It is now known that the people who associate with the former prime minister are being murdered. The opposition urged for quick investigations.

The killings follow the death of Raila's close friend, the Nairobi business person Jacob Juma and the death of his biological son Fidel Castro Odinga. The Kayole police personnel are now on the ground to establish the death of Mukabana. The "like son" death will affect the performance of elections come next year as Nairobi county looking forward to being CORDED come to the general elections. The CORD fans sad news are adversely and repetitive in the opposition than in the government.

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