President Daniel Moi healthy structure and his family whereabouts.

Former President Moi is not Dead. The former president had a short illness and now he is ok and according to his spokesman Lee Njiru, the 91 years old Former president is well and healthy. The second kenyan president was at the Moi referral hospital last weekend and now is fine and will in a church service together with the KANU officials next Sunday. The spokesman Lee Njiru dismissed the allegation on the social Media that the president died yesterday. The false information that was spread on the social started on twitter and went viral. The Mois' family was surprised to find that there is false information being spread. The family which is living at Kabarak in Eldoret, they were shocked with what the lossless minded people posted in the social media.

According to press realised by the spoke person,  it said that Mzee is well and busy. The ones who are spreading such rumors are sick in the head. Former president Moi was in the Kabarak university last weekend after the fracas of his son Senator Gideon Moi happened on the piece of land at Baringo. This land tussle happened after MOI allegedly deny giving out of services to the small town.

The social media went out asking for the whereabouts of the former presidents. The fracas happened after the former presidents'  son found himself in the midst of chaos. The  former president spokesperson dismissed the allegations and said if the former is really dead then it will be announced officially over the presidential press and national days will be in subject to that. He added that people should be responsible for giving out information to the public using the social media.  The social media is a tool of getting feelings out and looking for solutions but not to spread false rumours. The Fomer KANU leaders and former president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi is healthy and hope to celebrate another birthday next year. The 92second birthday to be celebrated next year as well, people should stop that abuse of using social media.

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