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Year of blessings,the Kiunas celebrates first Grandson.

Bishop Allan Kiuna holding his first grandchild with his wife Carthy Kiuna.

People have been talking ill about the progress of the Jubilee Christian Church Bishop Allan Kiuna. Last Month, he bought a brand new private jet after he was seen in South Africa playing Golf. Ontop of the Jet, he got another grandson gift from his first child. Bishop Kiuna is now a grandfather of one and GODs miracles are still happening.

Bishop Kiuna bought the Jet at a cost of Ksh. 200 Million. People outside the church are still today wondering if that was a donation or a fundraising. Not forgetting about the big, luxury house he bought last year at an approximate Ksh. 100 Million.

we could think that being a bishop in Kenya pays handsomely. Being a pastor like Kanyari with fake miracles pays than being an engineer or a doctor. This huge demand of miracles has led to deterioration of the church ministry and GODs work.

The bishop joins the likes of Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka and William Kabogo, who own private jets and luxury houses in Kenya.  The majority of Politicians have private Jets and businessmen including Safaricom boss Bob Collymore. Bishop Allan Kiuna owns several SUVS and has a Range Rover sport and two more luxury cars which he got them from the church.


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