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Fixing Updated error,HomeLocation and First site SEO in Blogger and google Search Console.

Bloggers are finding difficult time in dealing with matters associated with webmaster tools. It is both in Microsoft's' bing and googles webmaster tools. Getting a blogger site to the Search Engine is very simple.  Let me show you some ways of getting it to the search engine through Google search console and later will post about Bing search console.

The first thing is, going to the google search console and add a property. After adding the property follow these steps.
  • Create a sitemap in the dashboard.
  • Submit site for indexing.
  • Enable structured data
  • Check the structured data through structured data testing tool.
  • Look for data Schemas that suit your site. It includes; Organisation Markup, location, and snippets(Breadcrumbs).
  • Write the site description and title on the blogger setting dashboard to avoid duplicate meta tags.
  • After some weeks go back to the webmaster tools(search console) and check for errors.
Commons errors that can be found in the search console can be corrected this way;

Updated error.
The post methods miss the updating function hence structured data detect the errors through the google crawl. Using the structured data tool will not detect anything but crawl will.

Locate this code in the site code by going to Template then Edit. Inside the template press ctrl+F to find the code below.
Missing required field “updated” Check for this code and in many instances they are either two or three.  <data:post.timestamp/>

Replace all codes with this below.
<span class='updated'><data:post.timestamp/></span>

The other error that has troubled many people is HomeLocation Error.

Home Location Error.
 Home location error is corrected by changing the time formats in the post layout. The recommended time format is the one that has date, timezone, and real time.
Check the images below.
Fixing Structured data HomeLocation error in simple ways. PHOTO | George Charo

How to fix HomeLocation error and other stubborn structured data errors. PHOTO | George Charo

Simple, that is how we remove the errors in the google search console. Especial with the newer templates, there is no much to do. If you have any question please comment and wait for an answer or contact us.

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