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KMPDU officials to be Jailed after they failed to honour Government, ending the strike.

Dr. Ouma Olunga the Sec. General KMPDU in his office at KNH. PHOTO | Courtesy FB page

"The government has failed to provide a good solution to the Doctors strike but giving out threats and even Jail the KMPDU leaders. This is impunity and lack of leadership in the Government." Says the Hon Raila Odinga. The failed talks between the KMPDU officials and the Ministry of health reached a stalemate.

The KMPDU led by Secretary-General Ouma Oluga, Chairman Oroko Samuel and Nairobi branch Secretary-General Thuranira Kaugiria will find themselves in jail for fighting their rights today. According to the Labour court, the leaders were to end the strike this week or give out a definite answer or an alternative.

Yesterday the COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli told the media that the trade union will provide lawyers to stand up with KMPDU against the Ministry. Atwoli also added that the Government has failed to resolve the problem through the cabinet secretary Dr. Cleopa Mailu. 

"The healthy cabinet secretary has a cold war with his PS and that is the main reason why the strike has not been resolved. The fight between the two leaders in the Ministry has contributed to the stalemate." Says COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli.

The KMPDU leaders will be sentenced to one-month jail term. The question that Kenyans are asking is, what will be the government achievement in ending the Strike?  What will be the next action after the Jail term? All these questions will be answered as the Cabinet secretary is expected to have a press briefing this week.


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