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KNUT to call for Teachers strike in the onset of second term as Lecturers go back to work.

Pema schools students in Nairobi pose for a photo in the schools. PHOTO | BANA

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has threatened the government over the budgetary issues that were raised in the former CBA to be addressed or they go on strike. According to the KNUT chairman  Mudzo Nzili, the government through the Teachers Service Commission have been busy intimidating and bulldozing the teachers with unnecessary circulars. According to the CBA, the government was to hire more teachers to cover the teacher's deficit in the country.

The CBA will be revised in April or in the opening of the second term. The KNUT leaders urged TSCto provide a clear method on how the teachers will be hired and renumerated.  The Education cabinet secretary Dr. Fred Matiang'i urged the teachers to be vigilant as the government is looking forward for the CBA.

The teachers are expected to abandon classes in the beginning of the second term if the government will not honour the teachers CBA. According to the KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion, the ministry of education and Teachers  Service Commission urged the teachers to stay calm since last year but it looks like nothing has been done on the payroll. " The main aim of the strike is not only CBA but also to make sure the TSC hires more teachers. We have a deficit of 10000 teachers across the country." Says Sossion.

The Teachers union members strike will be a third group this year following Lecturers and Doctors strike. According to the KNUT officials, the draft budget did not have an aspect of teachers salary increase and teachers hiring. They also warned the government to amend the budget and provide an article that will describe how the CBAs will be tackled.

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