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The Nairobi senator Hon Mike Mbuvi Sonko went to his social media asking his loyal voters for advice. The great leader of Nairobi shocked many leaders after he changed his approach of moving with fellow tycoons, now with medium class individuals.

The honourable member of the senate went to his twitter and facebook accounts asking people about what he did to the Eastleigh residents if it was fine. He wanted to know what else to do to make those people feel they are together with the government.

This is what he posted on his facebook page. Read the statements that made him look for advice following the clash between the hawkers and the Malls owners in Eastleigh.


Watu wangu wapendwa, I need your honest guidance, siasa ni kusaidiana.
What's you take and opinion on the below:
1.) Is there any element of incitement here?
2.) Hawkers in Eastleigh used to own a very big public market but it has since being grabbed and a very big mall is under construction at the grabbed market site.
Do you think if the market had not been grabbed, we would have the problem the hawkers are facing today?
3.) Do you support that Eastleigh should be a preserve of the multimillion business people only and that other small-scale traders should be chased away from the area?

Hebu nione comments moto moto. I shall go by the majority and rest my case."

The Nairobi senator will be in the race with the current governor Dr Evans Kidero coming to the general elections. The jubilee yet has not agreed who will be running for the seat following the seat attracting many people in the party including Water and Irrigation cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa, Dagoret M.P Dennis Waweru, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, Former TNA boss Johson Sakaja and former Gatanga Mp Peter Kenneth.  According to the current trends, only Senator Sonko has the ability to clinch the seat.

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