Donald Trump in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. PHOTO | courtesy AFP

The US president in his first trip to Islamic countries landing the country in Saudi Arabia meeting King Salman He will be heading to Israel on Wednesday and hoping to visit Egypt this year. The US president meet leaders from Qatar and Dubai in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The POTUS claim that meeting the Arab nations will assist in alleviating the ISIS problems as termed as Islam radicalisation. The US president urged people across the Arabic countries that they have support from U.S. The president descended in Riyadh with his wife Melania Trump in the three-day visit.

The U.S President had a dinner with the King of Saudi Arabia and Yemen and urged the countries close to ISIS affected one to assist them to eradicate the radicles.

The U.S president Donald Trump signed a $380 Billion deal between the Saudi Arabia and U.S in raising standards of people in Saudi Arabia with Oil harvesting to the international Markets. Donald Trump is expected to meet youth leaders and oil business people in Saudi Arabia.

Donald Trump will be heading to Israel to meet the Prime minster Benjamin Netanyahu and discuss issues affecting the middle-east countries. He is expected to meet leaders from Palestine, Lebanon, and Egypt. He is will visit Egypt as his first trip to Africa in his next trips.

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