Weston hotel under cholera siege. PHOTO | Courtesy

The controversial Weston Hotel is on another negative criticism following the cholera outbreak in the hotel. Doctors have confirmed the outbreak and some posted the results on social media cautioning people to avoid the area.

“The rapid diagnostic test, which is more sensitive, shows I have cholera. Several other doctors have also received positive results," said a medic.

"I am pregnant so I have been admitted to an isolation ward. Who will pay all these bills? Weston Hotel should just own up." said a customer.

Dr Jackson Kioko, Director of Medical Services, said 24 rapid diagnostic tests had returned negative results for cholera.

“We collected samples from all those who were feeling bad yesterday (Thursday). For the whole night, we prepared the samples tests for febrile cholera turned out negative. Now we only need to do confirmatory tests because those were rapid diagnostic tests,” he said.

“The physician doctors from Nairobi, who should be leading the fight against cholera, are admitted in hospitals and being treated for cholera,” said gynaecologist Dr Simon Kigondu.

Officials of the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union accused the government of the cover-up.

“So we decided not to report the cholera incident at Weston Hotel and try to cover it up with food poisoning. Iko cholera (There is cholera). Period,” said Thuranira Kaugiria, secretary general of Nairobi chapter.

They also said a cholera outbreak points to a broken health system.

“Unethical leaders are those that keep quiet or shut the systems when there is a cholera outbreak, especially at a time when any spread would mean several thousands of deaths given nurses have been on strike for 3 weeks and counting,” said KMPDU secretary general Ouma Oluga.

The Government has been silent on the Weston Hotel cholera outbreak as the lean towards Lang'ata primary. The Doctors have allegedly the government for undercover as the hotel is close to a public school which keeping the children under risk.

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