Magical Kenya. PHOTO| Courtesy Magical Kenya
Magical Kenya. PHOTO| Courtesy Magical Kenya
Tourist business will face a rough time in Tourist potential season due to the coming elections. The migration of the wild beast has been the key tourist attraction in Mara.

Tourists to Kenya are shrugging off fears of potential violence during elections in August, pouring in droves for a chance of seeing the annual wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara. Tour operators and hoteliers are reporting near full capacity, in large part because of safari-lovers hoping to see the hundreds of thousands of wildebeest that run the gauntlet of hungry crocodiles as they cross the Mara river in search of greener pastures on the Kenya-Tanzania border.

 Elections, often fraught and tense occasions in Kenya, are being held on August 8.But the chance of seeing the wildebeest in their splendour has pushed concerns about a repetition of post-election violence in 2008, when 1,200 people were killed, to the back of most tourists' minds.

“We are having a near full capacity in terms of business through the months of July and August," said Kenya Tourism Board communications manager Wausi Walya.

" If the polls will be free and fair, I believe no chaos will face the country and tourist will flock to find out on the wild beats Migration. People must realise Kenya has great potential and has all ways of making money instead of depending on the national tax, " he added.

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