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Bloggers have new tricks to add their revenue especially the ones who have Adsense. There are several ways of increasing revenue from Matched content, infeed ads, display and text ads, in article ads and other Native ads.

Learn in Simple Steps, How To Easily Add The New Google AdSense In-Feed Ad Unit On Your Blogger BlogSpot Blog & Increase Your Earnings. Both beginners and advanced bloggers can get this setup done in few minutes.

Go to the Adsense ads and add a new ad unit. The choose Infeed ads and follow the steps provided by Google Adsense.

Go to the blogger and then select the theme and edit. Before you edit anything to start with backing up the template in case of emergency.

How to add In-feed ad unit to Blogger Blogspot

You can parse the adsense code here if you find some errors on the template.

How to add in article Adsense Ads.

In the Adsense dashboard, add a new addition and choose in article native ads. Go to the posts published and click on HTML layout. Jump several paragraphs like two or three and paste the code.

It is similar to those who are using WordPress ad they will only need to change the text mode to HTML based and paste the code. The code in these sense does not need to be parsed.

Matched Content

The matched content design is really outlined on the AdSense website. Get the code, add a new widget in the layout and place it either at the bottom of your posts or at the top. It is not advisable to place it on the sidebar.

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