Grace Mugabe with President Robert Mugabe. PHOTO | Courtesy AFP
Grace Mugabe with her husband President Robert Mugabe. PHOTO | Courtesy AFP


Grace Mugabe: Grace Mugabe second-hand underwear donation revealed as Journalist arrested. - Kenneth Nyangani, a Newsday journalist

Just a day after the journalist described the Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's' wife Grace Mugabe donated a second-hand underwear, the Journalist has been arrested and taken into custody. 

The Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has refuted the claims dragging his wife and the state to the second-hand donation. He also added that they don't use second-hand material at all.

The President defended his wife on the matter calling for a probe of the Journalist and provide full evidence and how he knew that was a second-hand clothes or not.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said Tuesday that Kenneth Nyangani, a Newsday journalist, was arrested on Monday night "for allegedly writing and publishing a story over the donation of some used undergarments by First Lady Grace Mugabe".

Nyangani was being detained in the eastern city of Mutare and is likely to face "criminal defamation" charges, the organization said in a statement. He is yet to appear in court.

The Newsday on Monday reported that a ruling Zanu-PF lawmaker, Esau Mupfumi had over the weekend handed out clothes saying they were donated by Grace Mugabe.

"I met the First Lady Grace Mugabe and I was given these clothes so that I can give you. I have briefs for you and I am told that most of your briefs are not in good shape, please come and collect your allocations today," the Newsday quoted Mupfumi as saying.

"We have nightdresses, sandals, and clothes, come and take, this is from your First Lady Grace Mugabe." Zimbabwe Women said.

"The intention is to send a chilling message to journalists and media workers that they must self-censor rather than expose truths," it said in a statement.

Amnesty International and human rights organizations across the world have accused the state of Zimbabwe government as infringing the rights of journalists and journalism.

"We need to have a full media system that is free from government sabotage and intimidation. We need to see Africa rising to the next level through access to information." a member of international human rights organization stated in Harare yesterday.

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