Omar Hassan with President Uhuru Kenyatta. PHOTO | FILE

Former Mombasa senator Omar Hassan has revealed what happened in NASA to the Jubilee brigade infront of the President in Serani primary where President Uhuru Kenyatta was issuing title deeds to the Island land. The Senator said that the NASA leadership is corrupt and he will reveal more.

Omar Hassan claimed that NASA sidelined the Muslim community. "We took our Muslim brothers in the former IEBC team led by chairman Isaak Hassan. We evacuated them forcefully as they were from the Minorities. They did not have enough people to counter-demonstrators."

"I will back president Uhuru Kenyatta because after I got a third position during the elections, Not the Principles or any other NASA member called or Messaged. Thank God, the first people to call me after the elections were Suleiman Shahbaal and DP William Ruto."

"I wanted to go for more studies. DP Ruto told me that I should remain active in politics. Usijifukuze kabla hujafuzwa."

" Mombasa is very dirty, schools ungovernable and hospitals with filthy and pungent smells. Mombasa needs leaders and servants. We have people who went to school, they have papers but they are looked like they do not anything. Think of Likoni MP Mishi Mboko be the minority leader? What about Aisha Jumwa? Can they be minority leaders? " Omar Hassan said.

Mombasa will be a good borne of contentious for the voters as Jubilee need atleast 20% of votes. Jubilee need 40% of votes in the Coast region to secure their numbers.

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