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"They want to assassinate me and the Jubilee Government was formed in My house, just right 'HERE' " Jimmy Wanjigi says.

Jimmy Wanjigi with NASA Co-Principal Moses Wetangula. PHOTO | Courtesy

Police from different units raided the house of a Nairobi businessman Jimmy Wanjigi yesterday for almost 48 hours. The Police said they were following orders from "above" and the court order that James Orengo brought from the court was damaged by the police.

Jimi Wanjigis' cry was the Police assault and threat to rape his wife. The Police threatened to chop off and rape his wife if he chose to block them from their orders.

"They assaulted my wife (Irene Nzisa) as she tried to record the breakages in the house. GSU officers came into this home guarding us like we are criminals. It's very sad that a government can do that to its citizens," Jimmy Wanjigi said.

"If they can do that to some of us who live in estates, I cannot imagine how much common mwananchi is harassed in the country," he added.

Police have teargassed the supporters, beat them up with batons and shot some including children and denied Amnesty's report that at least 33 people have been killed.

"It's very sad that 'these' people are attacking me today yet their government was formed here. Raila and Uhuru shook hands here in a show of peace," he said.

"My support for Baba remains unwavering and unshaken because it is every Kenyan's right to support anyone they wish to without victimisation," he claimed.

"We thank Raila for supporting us when we were under siege by the government...it's a shame that the government would not heed to requests to stop the attacks and destruction," he said.

"I hope this is a lesson because this is a show that there are people who are willing to take politics too far."
"I told the officers in charge to allow lawyer Orengo to access the premises...I talked to them but they refused to 'let him in' and insisted they had orders from above." he stated.

"The President started this when he threatened the Judiciary and has continued for the past few weeks. We now are witnessing a rogue security apparatus being used at will by the government but they will not derail our efforts to make Kenya a better country," he noted.

"Jimmy Wanjigi is no stranger to Uhuru Kenyatta because we have been here and we know it was just a set up by the government. The weapons found in the house in Malindi were recovered in the sea in 2012 so we are just witnessing a secret vendetta," he said.

Orengo condemned the raid saying the government was behind it as the orders speculated from above were from the highest post in the government.

"It is very sad that we have witnessed a show of a failed state. Police should also be ashamed of not obeying orders from the courts," he said.

The government has been busy blocking all roads for the opposition to thrive in the elections. Jubilee government blocked the Supreme court financier, kicked out the Non-Governmental organization and later executed people who were seen to block jubilee victory towards the August elections.

"They planned to execute the Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and they failed, they also planned to assassinate the Homa bay women representative Gladys Wanga but failed terribly and they tried Embakasi east Mp Babu Owino but public shame the government. We fought for Multi-partyism and we succeeded, we fought for democracy and Former president retired, we are now fighting for liberation and democracy for the next generation." Siaya Senator James Orengo said.

NASA coalition is now planning for a parallel rally/celebration for the Mashujaa day. The statehouse spokesperson Manou Espisu also confirmed that Sunday will be a National prayer day as the country is facing  a political and economic crisis. 

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