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"All Nairobi roads will be red zones, Go to jacaranda or Uhuru Park at your own risk. " Says Nairobi Police commander Koome.

nairobi Police commander Japheth Koome in His office. PHOTO | The Star
nairobi Police commander Japheth Koome in His office. PHOTO | The Star

The Nairobi police commander Japheth Koome has warned the NASA fraternity over holding illegal rallies. The Police commander said that Jacaranda grounds where Raila Odinga is expected to hold a prayer meeting is a no-go zone.

Koome has insisted on proper methods to be followed as the police don't want more bloodshed.  The security at Kasarani will be beefed up and doubled if in any case, need arises.

Koome said Sifuna should have written to the Soweto OCS as the venue is in his jurisdiction.

"The rally is illegal," he said by phone. "Babu Owino is the area MP and he must be very well aware this area is in Soweto.

"They should stop lying to Kenyans that they have notified police. It is wrong for senior people and elders to tell lies. Any people going there will be doing so at their own risk."

Koome noted the law requires anyone planning to hold any procession, public meeting or demonstration to inform the OCS of the area. The multi-agency operation will tightly secure the zones which are Mombasa Road, Uhuru Highway, Museum Hill and Aga Khan areas, Wangari Maathai road and Thika Superhighway all the way to the Kasarani Sports Complex venue.

Regarding any other public meetings on that day, he said: "If anybody does not involve police and wants to break below...that person should know we will deal firmly with such cases according to the law."

The Nairobi Police commander has also banned demonstration tomorrow as people seen on the road demonstrating will face full force from the police.

The prayer meeting that was organized by the NASA coalition will be abolished to pave way for the Uhuru Kenyatta swear-in ceremony at Kasarani.

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