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Raila Odinga says he will be ready to be jailed or killed but the impunity in Kenya should end. Speaking in Ugunja, Odinga said that Canaan is real and none should stop the journey. He added that he wanted to live the country free for everyone in the country to feel included before retire.

Raila said he will exploit the available remedies to "dissolve the illegitimate Jubilee government".

"Canaan is real," he assured the mourners. "An illegitimate government cannot be made legitimate through the use of arms and the power of the guns."

"We are now living in a rogue state. A state that its key agenda is to kill its own people with no regard to the right of life," Raila said.

"Such a cat can either be skinned alive or stoned to death among other available avenues of ending its life," said Raila in reference to the Jubilee government.

"We are going to make sure that we get rid of the Jubilee government by all means, including escalating economic boycott until the regime goes down," Raila said.

"The journey is unstoppable. They can come with the police officers, the army, and all the mighty of the state at their disposal but this will not prevent the people of Kenya from reaching Canaan. We shall reach Canaan," Raila said amid cheers from the crowd.

 "To add salt on injuries, the police went ahead to cut short the lives of nine Kenyans under the guise of Nairobi Business Community group."

"Following the atrocities that have been committed by Jubilee regime, Kenyans will not allow a continuation of their execution for the next five years."

The NASA coalition is planning to have peoples assembly, increase the list of boycotting and look for possible ways of blocking and sabotage everything that the Jubilee government used to clinch power through the fake transmission.

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