Kenyans protest in US. PHOTO | Reuters

A group of Africans protest in the US over the Kenyan government crackdown on the opposition heads. They urged the international community to discard the previous information about the Kenya polls and focus on uniting Kenyans.

The demonstrators, who live in the Tri-State area of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania braved rain, wind and cold to display banners and read statements that were later handed to UN officials.

“We want the international community to know what is going on in Kenya where impunity and flagrant disregard of judicial process, press freedom and the rule of law seem to the norm,” Ms Beatrice Oduor read the group’s statement.

“Western democracies should not turn a blind eye to the violations.”
The Kenyan government came under criticism from several speakers.

They said the administration was engineering the re-emergence of intolerance of opposing views experienced during the one party dictatorships of former presidents Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel arap Moi.

“Kenyans fought hard to free themselves from infamy. The scars of those years are still fresh in the national psyche and that is why we have collectively resolved to never again allow dictatorship to thrive,” Mr Nick Oguttu of Amnesty International said.

(Raila Odinga swear in ceremony aftermath.)The said that Kenya has gone to anarchy state as it was before colonisation. The deportation of Miguna Miguna and the crackdown on opposition shows that the country is heading in a bad direction.

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