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New job on Royal Media, Mseto east Africa new face - Changez Nzai heads Royal media Site

Mzazi Willy M. Tuva and Changez Nzai in Makueni royal media tour. PHOTO | Changez
Mzazi Willy M. Tuva and Changez Nzai in Makueni royal media tour. PHOTO | Changez

One of the music promoters across the Coast Region has been given a green light of the new post in Royal Media services. Changez Nzai will be in control of the Willy M. Tuva headed website Mambo Mseto website.

Speaking in Emali, Changez Nzai said that music across the region needs people who can take it across the world if not in Africa as people used to think.

New posts from Changez on his Facebook post have seen him propelling to newer entertainment heights. The Royal Citizen tour held in Makueni which accompanied by Willy M Tuva, Geoffrey Mwamburi and other Royal Media services presenters ignited the zeal of promoting local entertainment.

Mzazi Willy M. Tuva who heads the Mambo mseto East Africa added that it is upon other media houses to make sure that promote Music across the board.

"We need to strategize how we will empower our artists and making sure they benefit from their handwork. We need to work as a team from all media houses in the country to make sure we are at least somewhere in entertainment." Said Tuva

" I have taken few people from unknown to known getting shows across the country and abroad. We need to make sure that entertainment is worthy like other countries in the west. We need to hold hands to one another I order to make this industry a better one for everybody." Said Changez at Emali on the Royal media Makueni tour.

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