One SIM card per Telco. PHOTO: KENYA
A person browsing at Gikomba market. PHOTO | Kenyans

Communication Authority ordered the closure of fake and delayed registrations of SIM cards from the Telecommunications companies in a move to curb terrorism.

The government issued a warning on people who have more 2 SIM cards from one telco that proper use of communication devices will be monitored in the future.

“We have given them up to end of this week to comply. We have also told them that we will make a forensic audit on the level of compliance in three months time,” CA director general Francis Wangusi said.

SIM card hawking is a rampant challenge that has seen some agents charging buyers an additional fee for registration.

“On overall, the audit showed that the data in the subscriber databases of the operators was incomplete and inaccurate, pointing to the need for a verification system to help enhance the authenticity of the data,” Wangusi said.

“Most agents don’t seem to have a good relationship with operators in terms of enforcing controls required for SIM card registrations, most of unregistered SIM cards is as a result of agents,” the regulator said

Most of the people in the country own more than 2 SIM cards and that has led to an increase in criminal activities as stipulated by the CA. The increase in excise duty to voice, data and handsets will also reduce the number of criminal cases as illustrated by the DCI.

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