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"Was she elected because of her beauty, good English and bragging? " Kilifi Nominated MCAs in a battle with Women Rep Mbeyu

Kilifi Women rep Getrude Mbeyu in a women empowerment Meeting. PHOTO | BANA
Kilifi Women rep Getrude Mbeyu in a women empowerment Meeting. PHOTO | BANA
Kilifi county Nominated MCAs took their Women Representative Gertrude Mbeyu head-on over claims that she has been abusing and misusing the Women empowerment office.

They claim she has been bragging and abusing other women leaders. It is just a week after she took off media provoking parents for not being loyal and taking care of their children. She added that Women representative did not impregnate 13000 teenage girls as reported by the Children office.

In a response to one of the group members Ms Kibibi Ali, Mbeyu said she would not resign as members were demanding.

“Mimi ndio natia mimba?? Parents have to take care of their children not Mbeyu …Jipeni shughuli …aliyenipigia kura ni nani kwa hii group hata aseme niresign”

"If this is what the sceptics say about mcas nominated it is unacceptable. A leader of her nature can not demean her fellow leaders from the grassroots to that level she should understand that no situation is permanent she also started from somewhere to be where she is today and that does not make her a superwoman leader."  said one of the Women leaders in the county.

"We cannot be taken for granted. You cannot take us to a hotel only to tell us about the kind of clothes you wear. You cannot brag that Kilifi Sokoni ward elected you as an MCAs before because of good English, beauty and bragging. Now you are a women rep because of that. That will not help a common mwananchi in the county." she added.

The MCAs want Women Representative to resign or apologise for whatever she said to the Public and they claim to start a new tag of war between the county and the National government office.

This is the message from the Women Rep Gertrude Mbeyu leaked online.

Here is the message from the Nominated Women MCAs.[no-sidebar]

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